plug gap and valve clerance

Well I just got a new bike and wanted to go over a couple things make sure evertything is good from the start

Any one know the plug gap and valve clerance specs

When you take off your side covers (I think it is the right side one) you should find a sticker on the inner side with those specs.

What bike? It matters.

650or 600????????

makes a big difference

its a 95' xr600r thanks for the info guys

Intake .004", exhaust .005". Spark plug gap .030-.040".

Speaking of plugs, what is the proper spark plug socket for the 600r? I try to get a 5/8 in there and it is either too small, or the wall of the socket appears to be too big.

The best wrench n the one from honda. Or if you got the bike used, like I did, I bought a 18 mm spark plug socket from the auto parts store and machined down the outer diameter so it would fit. Good Luck!

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