Value of stock exhaust

Note to the mods- I'm not trying to sell my exhaust here, just trying to get an idea of what it's worth so I can post an ad in classifieds :prof:

I have the complete stock system off my 06 YZ and I'm tired of it just collecting dust in my garage. It's in very good condition, save 2 small dings in the header pipe and has very low use on it (10 hours roughly). It also has a PMB blue anodized spark arrestor end cap installed. Roughly what would it be worth- the sparky alone cost $125 when I bought it.

Last fall I sold stock exhaust systems from an 07 YZ450, an 06 KX450, and a 06 yz250. They brought about $75 a piece for the whole system. I also sold a couple nice like new silencers. They went for $50 each. Those had about an hour each on them.

its what ever you can get for them

have you looked to see what they are selling for?

If you did you would see that some go for 25 dollars and some go for 175 dollars

The YZ pipes are worth most to the guys with WRs.

I scrounged Ebay but found mostly aftermarket systems or single pieces. I was thinking about $200 would be fair with the PMB sparky, sounds like that might be close.

I bought a stock YZ426 silencer and head pipe for $50.00 on Ebay. It was brand new, the guy changed it after the first ride. The end cap that you put on is a bonus though, especially for the WR guys who want the spark arrester. You might see what the end caps are going for and add the typical pipe price $50.00 - $100.00 to come up with a "fair" price. Your $200.00 doesn't sound too unreasonable, all you need is 1 buyer.

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