need advise

I have a 1984 XR200R that my wife rides. i just noticed that the shift lever appears to be stripped out for the most part. So i go to take the guy off to fix it. Tho my surprise the deal has been lock tighted to no end and the bold to get it off is rounded off. Unbelievable what people do instead of doing it the right way. So i am left with two options. Put a tach weld on it to keep it in place and never take it off or grind it off to see if the shaft is stripped also. If it is stripped then i was going to put a new one on then weld it. Wht do you all think. i was even thinking a little jb weld. Any suggestions. the fun thing about having a bike to expieriment with. if i ruin it we will just buy her a new one. LOL



Can you get a Dremel cut-off wheel in there? If so, can you cut the bolt in the middle or cut the top half of the pinch off to take it off the shaft? I wouldn't want to try to permanently attach it in case you have to split the cases in the future.

Also, I'm not sure JB weld would be permanent enough for that application. If you really wanted to permanently attach it, then spot weld it.

:) I'm assuming that it is the splines on the gear shaft/lever that you are refering to....if this is so, and old trick I've used before is to use a load of sewing needles, tap them in between the lever and the shaft and when you have enough in snap off the parts sticking out and a reasonable repair has been effected, a little less permanent than tack welding, and easier to remedy than JB...worth a thought :D

this is the neat thing about thumpertalk is the imaginations of its members is amazing. Great ideas guys. WOW. I will stop by tonight and get a bunch of pins or needles. Any more suggestions? thanks guy's



I have had first hand experience with stripped out shift shafts. We used this method below for over a year and it held up great, I did do a little "jimmy rigging" LOL (we needed to sell the bike later and replaced the shift shaft eventually, which involved splitting the cases) But anyways this is what I did:

The first thing I tried was a nail and JB weld...this lasted about an hour of riding. Then I tried a self tapping screw and JB weld which lasted about 1/2 a day of riding. We then were desperate and tried to spot weld it...well the heat from welding melted the seal and now we had a big leak. And the welded shifter had to be cut off to install a new seal LOL. Well that is the things we tried that didnt work.

Here is what worked: You can do this 2 ways... 1) Goto Autozone and buy a u-joint for a small car (like a civic/accord or something, just get the smallest/cheapest one, they are like $6-8) Then remove the 4 caps on the u-joint and remove some of the needle bearings (these bearings are hard as hell and wont break when you jam it in with a hammer, unlike nails or needles) Now drill a hole a little smaller than the needle bearing and jam the bearing inbetween the shifter and the shaft. Here is a pic so you can understand what I am talking about I drilled 2 holes one up top and one at the bottom, if you think about where the pressure goes when you upshift/downshift you will understand why 2 needle bearings would even the load alittle (pt some red loctite in there for good luck :) )

The needle bearings lasted about 6 months of riding and then 1 fell out so we decided to try something else. Instead of using a needle bearings I went and bought a tap for the hole I drilled and tapped in some threads. I used a grade 8 bolt and some red loctite, and this worked awesome. No shifter freeplay or slack, and it held up great for 6 months until we replaced the shaft (due to selling the bike) Well hope this helps and Good Luck!


Also we had a lever that had strethed so that when fully tightened with no gap between the faces at the pinchbolt it was still loose. The obvious solution was opening up the slot between the faces of the pinchbolt with a hacksaw. It really helped. Mark

Hey Chris,

Did you try a solvent or liquid wrench to disolve the lock tight and then try a sharp pair of vice grips? The shaft is harder than the shifter so it may be alright. You can bring it over on Wed. afternoon and we can try that then hit Canfield!!! I have to go to Libby on Thursday and may have to work late on Friday so if you what to go riding this week Wednesday would be best for me. I had an old jt60 for my son and tried welding the shifter to the shaft but the metals are different enough to not take very easy, at least for my meager welding abilites. I didn't want to get it too hot and it didn't work well. Then I tried to drill through the shifter and shaft and run a small bolt through it and that just broke the shaft when it was shifted hard. Welded it again and it held untill I sold it to a guy who restored old little bikes. Let me know about riding.

See ya, Ken

that is what i was thinking. It it dosent seem to work i can grind it off with the rest of it. thanks



Excellent Dude, I have saved your fix into a manual I am creating called "Field Expedient Repairs".

Bonzai :)

Well i completed the surgery last night about 6:30. So it is Dying for 24 hours or so. Moto man you are the man. Thanks for the help. I went and bought a drill bit and a tap and i went ahead and did the little bolt thing.. It went really smooth. then sealed it up with some red loctight. So we will see where it goes. I have a good feeling about it. If anyone needs to borrow the tap and drill bit let me know. I used little alen head screws. So it is black already and you cant really tell they are there unless you look for them. Hey ken i tried to cut through the bolt but was not able to even et a sawsall in there to cut through the metal. About riding the wife and i are going to go buy a new car tonight so i will have to pass. i will give you a ring on the Celular and let you know. Thanks again guys you have pulled through again. you all had great ideas.

i used two bolts. But left rom for a third if i found i needed it. I have a crappy digital camera and i will try to get a good Pic of it in the next couple days and send it to you. I cant wait to take her riding next time. She was kicking butt but all of a sudden couldn't get it into second cause it came loose. Well thanks again. you rock

Thats cool! It worked really well on the 2 bikes I did it on. Did you use 1 or 2 bolts? Later,


BTW if you take a pic of the "jimmy rigged shifter mod" I will post it on my site. I didnt take a pic of the mod on the bikes I did it on (I didnt have a digi cam or a website back then). I would, but I sold the bikes awhile ago. Email me at if you take any pics! Later,



so how is it holding up man? Later,


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