A burnt clutch in a few hundred miles - how can that happen??

Got a new clutch in my 650R in about October last year.

Since then did a few weekend rides - 40 - 50 km to get to dirt, then maybe 50 km in dirt (desert stuff) each time.

Plus occasional short street ride.

Bike was standing for 1 month during February while I was on holiday.

So that's maybe 4 months, total of maybe 400 - 500 km, half in dirt.

After this, my new clutch is slipping, I open it up and find its burnt out. What the heck! How can this happen?

Anyone ever burn a clutch after such a short time?

Yikes. What kind of clutch did you put in? Honda? Or something else?

I ride my bike pretty much 5-7 days a week on and off road...I use my clutch A LOT, and it is finally shot after about 1.5 years of use!!! I don't race, but I'd like to think that I ride this thing fairly hard.

Did you replace the springs? Was the cable adjusted too tight?

It was OEM honda clutch, springs replaced.

A too-tight cable is the only thing I can think of - that I was riding with the clutch constantly partially-disengaged and maybe over-revving to compensate and didn't notice it.

Sounds weird but I can't think of any other way that a clutch could burn out so fast. lesson - keep some free play in the clutch cable!!

Bummer, man... what type of oil are you running?

oil is Mobil Racing 4T (synthetic)

Does this oil have friction modifiers?

Did you soak plates ?

Are plates properly criss crossed,steel/fiber/steel/fiber?

Does basket have notches that may hold up complete movement?

cable to tight?

I can't think of much else good luck.


Check the end plate cap and that it is completly seated against the last plate. with good spring tension.

do you use the clutch alot off road to prevent excessive wheel spin, if so that eats em up fast.

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