06 yz450f exhaust

I just bought an White Bros.E2 slip on exhaust on Ebay for my 06 and the seller stated it was for a 06-07 yz450f. Well everything bolted up fine except for where it slips on to the stock head pipe. The WB muffler pipe was a larger diameter than the stock 06 head pipe and the stock clamp is too large, the instructions that came with thr pipe stated it was for an 07. what can I do to make this work? will an 07 head pipe work on a 06 head? thanks for any help with this.

The 07 had a larger headpipe than the 06. The only thing I can suggest is that I know FMF pipes come with a spacer that slips in the larger diameter midpipe and makes the diameter smaller for the 06 header, this way they can use the same slip on for 06-08 even though the headers are different diameters. You could make one yourself if you are good with a lathe, or you could call FMF and see if you can get one from them.

Thanks for the help,I found a 07 stock pipe but was not sure it would fit my 06

If you use the 07 Head pipe it will probably lean your bke out and you will be looking at a rejet situation. I had the same problem with my bike when I purchased a FMF 4.1 slip on for my 06. I work in manufacturing so I measured the head pipe OD and the mid pipe ID and had our machne shop make a spacer. If you have the dimension any shop could turn one out in no time and very cheap. Another route is contact FMF for the spacer, I think it runs about $25.00 and FMF does sale this spacer sepratly.

I can check and see if I have an extra FMF spacer laying around for that size. Every FMF pipe for an 06-08 YZF comes with a spacer, so I may have an extra.

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