03 sprocket (Teeth) Suggestions

Hi, I ride an '03 YZ450F, I am 310/lb, so I know I will need some heavy duty stuff I ride trails and do some tracks, but my rear sproket is finally becoming worn. I would like to replace the front & rear as well as a new chain. Any suggestion? Teeth? thanks in advance -Tank

I ride a 03 450 also and weigh 294. I am running stock rear and two teeth smaller on front. I am right now using Renthal, but I love Sidewinder. I am just waiting on these sprockets to die. I had a sidewinder on my xr250 a few years back and it lasted me 5 years of riding hard. I sold it and the guy I sold it too ran th piss out of the bike , but:applause: said the sidewinder was still in great shape.

Tank - gearing or amt of teeth is dependent on a 03 for what terrain and spacing between shifts that you desire. I like running a 47 tooth rear on my 03 witht the stock mt of teeth in front. This allows more leave it in 3rd and just ride/hangon. It also make 1st more useable. I find that 2-4 are much better and rev out longer with a 47. I run strictly MX. For tight trails you may need a larger rear. You have stock gearing now - does it work ok or do you feel like you are shifting too much?

Sprocket brands - I am fond of Stainless Steel for longivity - I use IronMan sprockets from /rear

I would also try the new Ti Sidewinder by Krause as it has a lifetime guarantee

Chains - I use non oring DIDERT2 chains but if you want a chain that outlast most any sprocket get oring - xring

Actually it rides okay right now, but I would like just a lil more ummph in 2nd gear since running through the trails are mostly 2nd and 3rd gear. I also do a lil motocross (yes fat boys can fly a lil bit too!..LOL) TOO. Is there a sproket combo that can give you the best of both worlds? Im pretty much one of those fellas who ride what I have and dont know to much about what works best, I just ride it. Any help from you guys is greatly appreciated!! -Tank

more umph......get a bigbore kit. I have a 470 kit on my 03 and absolutely luv it! For your weight I would do a larger than 470 kit...and you will get all the umph you desire

Gearing will not give you more umph. If you are satisfied with the spacing of the gears and the shift points for them stay with the same gearing. More rear teeth give you less time between shifts and less teeth on rear give you more time between shifts.

It think the less teeth might be what Im looking for, but what are the stock specs that I have now? Sorry for asking all these dumb questions , but I just have no idea..:confused:;):ride: is there a general all around size?:bonk: :excuseme:confused: :prof:

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