Diggin it

Over the past year I have gotten my WR dialed in.There is no way I could have gotten it running like it is without eveyones help from sharing their own experiances on this forum.And I thank everyone here for that

Today I rode my WR with my new DR D pipe, o ring in the carb thing,jetting sorted for now,Rekluse axle.Man, it was hooking up! I was thinking as I was ripping through the trails that there couldnt be anything better.I couldnt ask for a better bike for me.

I know poeple like the 250f cause they say they are easier, but this thing is so sweet to just twist the throttle and lift the front end over any trouble. I wouldnt want a smaller bike.

And when I was done, I rode my bike home on the road cause its street legal.

Now if only the rest of my miserable life was going as good as my bike was running, I would be alright


Good to hear Max.

My Rekluse axle is on the way...........

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