1999 WR400 Supermoto Build

Ok guys,

This will be my build thread about my 99 WR400.

I'm gonna be building a supermoto out of it.

The motor is currently in at my local shop

(Full Throttle Powersports in Santee, CA www.fullthrottleps.com).

It will be rebuilt to 426 specs, but I'm still working out the details.

The bike is stripped down at this point, frame is ready for sandblasting and powdercoat. Here's a few pics.

I'll keep you guys updated!




Looks like a fun project keep us posted on progress and any words from the wise. I have been thinking of doing something like it to my 2000.

Hey i am thinking of doing the same but first how do you make it street legal what are the requirements from the DMV of california thanks

the pics wont show send some more if you dont mind.

No pics. Must be TOP-SECRET

Hey guys, just saw all the messages. Sorry I've been slacking on this. I had some stuff come up and the project was put on hold. I recently got the frame back from the powdercoaters, gloss black. I'm still getting parts together to move on. I'll repost the pics of the stripped frame I had up before, and new pics of the powdercoated frame.

I will keep you all updated as I progress on the build, but it's stalled for right now.

Thanks for the interest though!

I have a 1999 supermoto . Its CA street legal too . This thing is fun to ride its insain. If you havent baught wheels yet look into Warp 9 wheels . I had to make my own front brake mount but everthing else was great

I would put the FMF power bomb and Q4 pipe on it. It's fast a fairly quiet with this set up. I would make sure you take out the throttle stop and do the grey wire mod if you haven't yet. I've been carving the canyons almost every night and it's a blast. I'm running a higher watt bulb 55/60 but the stator doesn't push it until your on the throttle a little. I'm going to put the 2000 stator in or an AM unit eventually to increase the watt's. It's nice to light up the road when your going fast. I running knobbies right now, but a set of SM wheels would be nice. I'm going to try the Dunlop tires to see if they perform better than the Kenda 760.

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