08 YZ450F finally done, opinions????

looks badass so far. nice job!

Looks pretty good. I would lose the number 22. That looks kinda cheesey being Chad Reed's number and all.

looks good the only thing it needs now is to get dirty:ride:

Damn RR22 Been on here longer than me and only 29 posts?

Very nice bike

Just so everyone doesn't think I am a Chad Reed lover, I have been running the number 22 since my amateur days before Chad Reed was even a name. This is my first blue bike as I have always ridden red but ready for a change.


very nice lookin bike - i love all the graphics and decals too

great looking bike, just add dirt

Great looking bike! did you get new rims or paint the stockies?

My only concern is that I dont see any oil spots on that floor? Whats up with that. My new driveway and garage only last bout 2 months before I managed to have a little accident with the oil pan :prof:

Have you even ridden that thing yet? not even a single scratch on the clutch cover.. lol

nice lookin bike you got their. what exhaust is that.. White Bro titanium?

Nice bike.. selling the stock rims?

Looks great! That's the 2007 YOT kit right?

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