Fouling plugs? Try this…

Fuelon gas treatment.

Other than stabilizer in the wintertime I’ve never used fuel additives, never needed them.

This WR of mine however fouls plugs, it’s always fouled plugs. It might happen soon, other times it may go for a while but sooner or later the plug will foul.

There’s quite a bit to check when fouling plugs: Shutting the gas off before transporting, shutting the gas off when done for the day, getting off the choke ASAP, too much oil on the filter, letting it warm up before riding, keeping water out of the harness, different gas, different jetting, and different types of plugs. I’ve tried all this with no luck.

I ended up trying this Fuelon gas additive and it cured my plug-fouling problem. I can now leave the gas on, choke it until warm, use any available gas regardless of the quality, and best of all no more plug fouling. Plus, it starts better.

It’s a little hard to come by, especially in states that don’t have strict emission laws. I found a dealer in Atlanta and purchased the 32 Oz. Bottle for $42.75. It’s highly concentrated, 32 ounces treats 480 gallons. I’ve found an eyedropper to work good for small mixes. You’ll have to experiment what works best, example: 20 drops per gallon is what I’ve been trying.

I know it’s not fixing the problem, but it sure runs good now. :)

Fuelon 32 Oz. (full view)

Fuelon 32 Oz. (front view)

Fuelon 32 Oz. (side view1)

Fuelon 32 Oz. (side view2)

Fuelon 32 Oz. (rear view)

I posted a while back on the same suject only i use N.O.S octane boost, raises the octane supposably up to 7 points, noticable increase in performance, and yes a perfect colour plug, i highly recommend it!!!

Hey Beast, where do you get your additive...? At a shop like AutoBarn, Repco, AutoPro or SuperCheap? or do you have to have it ordered in...?

I'll give it a try...


Burson auto parts had it on the shelf, dunno wether you have them up there, there is three different formulas, the race formula is best.

No Burson up this way... IS the Manufacturer N.O.S. ? IS the product called Octane Boost? I will have a look when I am next in town...



Manufacturer is Nitrous Oxide Systems, its called octane booster and you want the racing formula the off road formula dosn't seem to be as affective.

Is an octane booster ok for the valves and seals on our trusty wr/yz's? I've heard that too high an octane level can burn up valves, rings, and seals. How much of NOS's octane booster do you use per 5 gallons of 91 pump gas? I've thought about using it, just wasn't sure if it would be safe.

Safe as, dont be scared, one bottle treats 60 litres, a little bit expensive but worth it, it makes the bike heaps smoother!! the yamaha's high compression requires fuel to accomadate it!!

What stores in Aust sell it?

I would be keen to give it a burl.


Snapper, Like i say burson's is the only place i know of, post if you see it anywhere else for others benifit. :)

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