Pictures of my white 07 YZ 450

Hi Guys,

This is my first post although I have been around a couple of month now as a reader. Just thought in sharing a couple of pictures of my 07 YZ 450.

Also, I’ll like to thank you all for all the helpful info in this forum. I have managed to do all the work myself with the info from this forum and saved all the labor $$$$ for mods. So what I’m trying to say is “KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK”! :prof:



I like those graphics. Where did you get them.

They were custom made.

Good looking bike.

looks great. i love black wheels on a white bike! :prof:

sick bike.. and welcome to the board.

Awesome bike......I really want black rims for mine.......

I think everybody that has posted here has a white 450 haha....

Now go cover it in DIRT....

Those black rims on the white bike are SIC!:prof:

It looks great. Those graphics are sick!

Nice bike...

What mods have you done? (besides the obvious ASV, T4, handguards, etc.)

Anything to the motor, carb, or suspension I mean? Just curious because I have the same bike, and planned on doing a bunch of things (upgrade the suspension, zip-ty carb mod, scotts damper, tall seat, etc.) but have gotten lazy about it because I'm so happy with the stock set-up (well, almost stock)...

Thank you! Well, besides the obvious I've rejetted the bike and added a fuel screw. I'm ordering today or tomorrow a set of renthal (50) twin ring rear sprocket and a Regina o-ring chain (ORN6) also a GYTR skid plate. I'll leave the suspension alone I'm about 170p and I love the stock setting. For the motor I’m also going to leave it alone until it's time to refresh and service.

Bigcr WOW that KX500 is sick!

You need to ride it.

Actually I do... That picture was taken just right after installing everything, now it doesn't look near that clean.

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