here we go again-650L book value....

Sorry if this is another tired topic,but my search here didn't turn up anything useable.

Situation-very(ultra)clean '01 650L for sale by private owner,6K miles,no mods,asking $3000. KBB sez $2030,NADA sez $2800,I have a recent 'Black Book' as well,haven't looked at it yet.

My questions are:

Most importantly-Is the asking price reasonable ? high? what?

If it is reasonable, then why the hell are the two mentioned sources way off then ?

I'm cornfused..............


Sam in IN

I would say high...I was courting an 04 "L" in Tulsa, with 1900 miles, Smog block off, aftermarket exhaust, Daves Mods, UNI, not a scratch. $3500. I would guess the NADA "book" to be close to correct retail value.

I was told once that Kelley is geared more toward wholesale/insurance/bank value. And NADA is geared toward dealership/retail expected cost. But I am not saying that is Fact. Just the applied experience of a professional car wholesaler.

So have I made things clear as mud?

I don't know if that's reasonable in your neck of the woods but I bought mine at the end of '05 with approx 4,700 miles for $2600. It was bone stock except for the Pro-circuit T4.

You might want to look at and see if it's clean. With the price of gas now it might be worth it. Put $2,600 in one pocket and $400 in the other. Offer the $2,600. If he won't budge then you can make a judgement call.

The reason for the discrepancy in documented worth is that those prices reflect the cold facts (insurance) value of the bike.

Also don't know your market, but most are typically lower than CA, so that price seems a little high to me as well. About 1 month ago I picked up an '00 with 6800 miles. Mostly stock, although it had been de-smogged and had an XRs Only header and can. Bike was generally clean, and looked like it sat around for a good portion of its life. Had new 908's f/r. I paid $2700.

Good luck,


I also would say high. That would be a 2300 dollar bike here in Nor. NV.

got my 03 one year ago with 9K and all mods and slip on for $2500 and that was in CA. Have you checked prices in any local publications??? any ideas what alot of asking prices are going for in your area?

For dirt bikes I don't go by what any of those say. The value of them can vary quite a bit from region to region but I'd say it's worth a between 2700 & 3300 or so.

I have seen where 90 era ones fetch every bit as much as the 00 and up era ones or darn close to it, since they made the same model for so long, year just doesn't seem important in the value of them to me.

I could have bought a much newer one for what I paid for mine but I don't like the newer red ones and sure a lot of others feel the same way.

You ever check older machines, tha value of them ? It's hilarious, they put an old elsinore at 400 or so when you know darn well it may fetch 2000 :prof:

I see that all the time.

Ok,fellas. Thanks for all of your input. I'd like to see it in the $2300-2500 range also. It is 7 years old....

What's most important/relevent is what's being paid for similar machines,versus what a publication says......

I'm going to view it very soon,and take into account the surroundings as well,which will give me a good idea as to how it's been used & maintained....

Sam in IN

Yeah it might be 7 years old but you say it's ultra clean, stock and 1/2 the price of new.

Just sayin'

(Another way of looking at it...)

Buy the seller.

if its in perfect condition and was well taken care of by an older gentelmen than I would say its worth more. but would you rather have the cheapest one you can find or the one in best condition. year is not going to matter on this machine and it will always be worth what you paid for it in good condition. no used bike i have ever bought went down in value

i picked up my 01 nicely farlked(de-smoged, DynoJetted, SuperTrapp, Clarke 4gal.) in very good shape with 1300 miles for $2400.


Yes, I agree....clean is far more important than model year.....the older it

stays 'clean/pristine',the more impressive the bike is to me....because it reflects that extra care given to it over those years.... I paid $2350 for my '02

XR4 in'07,more than I wanted to,but felt it was worth whatever extra $$$ over

'the norm' because of it's condition and owner care. Add the cost of the Mik,

XR pipe,tires,etc.,I'll never get it back.....other than to 'ride it out'...

I think this bike is in that same category of condition and background care..

Damn,it's a tall,sumbitch! Jeeesus..........

everyone has overlooked the "new" bluebook: EBAY. i broker a lot of car and bike sales for friends of mine. i have found that most dealers are using ebay now to put figures on cars for trade ins. kelly blue book and nada are estimates that are usually over inflated. if you really want to know what something is worth, pull it up on ebay. the only fluctuations will be the location. used vehicles are obviously cheaper in areas of lower income or population. ebay will tell you what something is worth in real dollars. you know the old expression "something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it". ebay will tell you exactly what people from all over the country are willing to pay.

i got a smoking deal on my 1999. a guy i know was cleaning out his garage and sold it to me for a grand. he told me to pay him a little at a time. i had him just about paid up in 3 weeks time. i owed him 400 more and he said he would settle for 200 if i had it at that moment. SOLD! i am switching it over to red plastics and tank, put a new clutch in it and a couple other mods. thanks to some sweet deals on parts on ebay, i will have it all done and have just about a thousand bucks in it.

After I got my 93 project XR650L up and running and looking at the expenduture to make it so, I decide to keep it rather than sell it, as all I wold get out of a sale is my money back for parts. That and I know I brought it back from the dead....

That 04 "L" in Tulsa, with 1900 miles, Smog block off, aftermarket exhaust, Daves Mods, UNI, not a scratch. $3500

That was EBAY "book"....meaning thats what money exchanged hands...No tax too...

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