What do you call the suspension part that..

At yesterday's race, friends and I were debating what the part of the suspension that connects the swingarm to the shock is called.

I know Yamaha calls it a relay arm on their microfiche, but what is the generally accepted name? I thought it was a "rocker" but when I called for bearings and asked for "rocker bearings" the parts guy said, "oh you mean bearings for the link." But it's not a link. Or is it?

Dogbone? Rocker? Link? Rocker link? Connecting arm?

Obviously not a level 1 priority, but for the sake of argument (which I know my riding buds will bring up again, ha)....


There are two parts. The rocker and the dog bones. Together, they are the linkage.

I always called that a wizzel wuzzle

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