Breaking in my new WR450

I was reading over at the Honda site( sorry to mention the H word here), they were talking about breaking in a new motor according to the Motoman at I read it but not sure I understand how to do it on the dirt. He's saying its important to decelerate as well as accelerate, so do you go through 1st 2nd & 3rd at 1/2 throttle the 1st time, then let off when you hit 3rd or do let off and decelerate as you go through each gear? the way he's doing it sure seems to make sense. any of you blue riders tried it?

It is going to be lot easier to break in that way on a flat track where you deaccelerate and change down for the corners basically ruuning against compression.

I am going to do that same process at our local Motor racing Circuit (Tar) just for the run in process so that I dont still have to concentrate on bumps and jumps etc while I am doing that process wich is basically only 20 miles and wont wear my tyres on such a short ditance.

Don't think i've read the particular post but don't be scared to full throttle it, but don't rev it's tit's off either, dont run it at a constant throttle for 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour, accel or deccel, i did mine on the road, happy hunting. :)

Here is the link if you are interested

Break in Secrets

I would just go out and ride the darn thing. When I bought my bike I asked the mechanic about break in, He said "you cant hurt it" Now this doesnt mean I went out and abused it but doesnt normal riding include accelerating and deccelerating in all gears? After reading the info it coincides with everything I've learned or heard about breaking in a new motor. Like he says, GO FOR IT! :):D

Also, I think what he is saying is that you should decellerate from higher rpm to lower rpm no matter what gear you are in. If you let off the gas right when you shift gears the motor wont be at the higher rpm. He states it would be difficult to break a motor in on the freeway because the rpm are not very high and remain relativly steady.

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