Got my new jets in the mail...

I ordered a 55 for the pilot and a 158 main.

The 55 is about an inch long with tiny holes drilled in the sides part way down the tube, and the 158 is short and fat looking. Both jets are Keihin.

Is this what I'm supposed to have?... just want to be sure before I start taking things apart.

Yeap, those are the right ones, start rippin it apart, I just finished Dave's mods and WOW, it's a new machine.

Awright, thanks f250, i got the smog removal done yesterday, now comes part 2.

Yet thats it , uh no more popping ..... It's great

pilot should look like this


main like this


Yep, that is what I have. Thanks for your help guys. For some reason I had everything neatly pictured and labled the wrong way in my mind, glad I checked with you guys before hitting the panic button. Thanks again!

don't forget to drill the slide holes 5/32

don't forget to drill the slide holes 5/32

Just the two outer holes. Dont drill the center hole where the needle sits.

Be sure to de-burr and keep the shavings out.

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