help! d*mn grey wire

i have a 2000wz400 done all the free mod's,fmf power bomb header,pc4 silencer. after a nasty mud ride on sunday i had the tank,seat,side panel's to do some maintenance and cleaning. I decided to try the gray wire mod.I also put a new spark plug in. i putit back together and it ran like sh*t from idle to about half throttle while stopped and while riding it had a miss awhen it started to accelerate then it would clean out. i don;t think it helped it power wise at all.My jetting is 170 main 45 pilot pilot screw 1 1/2. the bike has run great since i've owned it and start's fin 1st or 2nd kick until today(it still starts fine) i tryed going both way's on the pilot screw didn't help.does the grey wire mod change the jetting? i didn't think it would affect that,any suggestion's guy's?

Did you try to reconnect the wire to see if it ran better? I am assuming that you hosed the bike off after the mud session. Maybe you just got a wee bit of water in there...just a thought. Did you gap the plug right?

yes i gapped the plug and washed the bike don't think water is a problem i didn't disconnect the gray wire till after i washed it and i alway's blow the water off with a leaf blower.i'm wondering if i need to change the needle clip but i still don't understand why the grey wire would change my carb setting's it has alway's run great prior to today no miss or hesitation anywhere

no i haven't tryed reconnecting the gray wire yet

The problem you are experiencing is due to a lean condition on your pilot side. When you added the FMF powerbomb it leaned out the jetting significantly but not to the point of your current problem. When you cut the gray wire the mapping changed which also leaned out things further. You can do one of two things at this point. You can adjust your jetting (which You should do) or you cann reconnect your gray wire. I also run the FMF Powerbomb and have found that my jetting works well. TAFFY has come up with a new jetting scheme that seems to be working for "Rich In Orlando". I'm gonna test it out in a couple of weeks, but am not convinced that my Pipe/Header combination will be compatible.

But, that is what is going on with your bike at the moment.

Bonzai :)

The same thing happend to me this weekend. I re- connected the wire and it ran fine. I disconnected it again to make sure, and I would get a bad hesitation in the mid-range.I am keeping my grey wire connected.

My 01'426 jetting is stock and it runs great with the exhaust unplugged,airbox open, and the t-stop cut.

Thank's for the info guy's.Like i said before i've ran that jetting for a year with the fmf pipe and silencer and everything was fine.So i figured the gray wire caused my problem.Yamakazi your jetting is very close to mine as i have a 170 main and 45 pilot i'll try the 48 and see what happens.If that doesn't help i may just plug the wire back in it's to close to Sunday to pull my hair out over thisand i'm to busy anyway.Again thank's for the reply's everyone.

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