My A/M muffler boke again last weekend so this weekend i had to use my stocker untill the new one arrives, i found that putting the stocker back on again i gained much more low down torque with the ELN and YZ timing over my brothers with the other muffler, and much less sound wich made it much more enjoyable to ride, starting to think about changing these mufflers to my own specs, but i dont wan't to use the stainless job, anyone played with there's??

Problem with the Aussie/Canadian/Euro spec mufflers is they are sealed at the end. Now, of course, you could neatly cut the end cap off and use rivets or self tappers to put it back on so you could play with the insides...

Anyone have a stock WR or YZ muffler Endcap of a North American Spec bike? I might be able to do a 'cut & shut' on my stock pipe...


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