08 YZ450 fell out of gear

I was letting my friend ride my 08 YZ450 at sand mountain this past weekend to do a few small jumps on it and he nearly crashed it. He came up to the jump in 3rd gear and nose dived pretty bad. He said that the bike just fell out of gear on him and went into neutral. I was worried at first but, I considered a few things:

1. The bike is still new

2. He may have hit the shifter with his boot(tech10s-not a lot of bike feel)

3. Transmission may not have been deburred all the way??

4. Is it possible that he didn't shift it into gear all the way?

I am not really worried right now, the bike has never acted up on me at all. Nor did it for the rest of the weekend. Any thoughts?

when my 08 was new it would hit neatral very easy, but only if I hit the shifter, now thats it broken in it doesnt.

thats different. He said he had his feet already planted on the pegs for the jump and it just fell out of gear and went into neutral.

He most likely clicked it into neutral with his foot.

If he rides on the arches of his feet it would still be possible to have his feet planted and still be able to accidentally hit the shifter.

Yet another reason why you don't let friends ride your bike. :prof: If something is going to happen to your bike it is invariably going to happen when somebody else is riding it...it's like the bike can sense it or something!

what i want to know is how do you think tech 10s dont have any bike feel?! they are the most sensitive boots ever!

but i wouldnt worry about it

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