obeln-blubbery midrange

hey tt'ers

After reading a few threads on the obeln needle I thought I would give it a try. previuously she was running fairly sweet with a few taffy recommended jetting changes- 160mj,200maj,42 pilot,75paj,obdrq needle pos 3, bk mod, lid off and stock exhaust.

I switched to the recommended obeln pos 4, 165 mj combo and was pretty dissapointed with the result. From just below half throttle to almost wide open she would tend to blubber and misfire a bit here and there. Down low it felt pretty crisp but the top end felt a bit ordinary but not as bad as the midrange.

I think I will swith back to the 160 main and see if that cleans the show up a bit. I think from memory the needle has a richer taper than the original drq so I will lift the clip to pos 3 as well.

Am I on the right track here or is the rough blubbery sensation because the needle is actually leaner? I,m not sure about which letter means what on the needle.

thanks in advance for any advice offered.

Clip #3 Grasshopper...soon you will experience true zen.

Leave your jets for now. One clip makes a monumental difference. I did the same thing, clip #3 should be the starting point, that's where most have ended up with this needle.


if you go from a D series needle to E series you should drop 5 on the MJ and not go up 5. so a 158/160MJ will be fine.

if you then have a blubber drop the needle one clip as suggested above. MJ first THEN the needle please.

anyway it's easier-that should motivate you :):D


thanks guys

I dropped the main back to the 160(easier than the needle eh taffy) and it cleaned her up a bit on top. I rode her to work and back and it did feel better but I think I will try leaning the needle off 1 clip as well. thanks again for cofirming my suspicions in record time.

catch yas

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