Shortened Suspension

Has anyone had their suspension shortened? I'm thinking of doing this and am looking at the pros and cons??

Jekel, I don't have my suspension shortend for me but I have ridden bikes with shortend suspension. My buddy has an XR440 that has been lowered quite a bit, the thing is PLUSH!!! What get's taken away is probably travel, you'de probably notice it going over fast whoops. You can call these guys about your suspension, I know them and they will do the greatest job you can find. Good luck :)

Had my suspension lowered an inch (Factory Connection) they did a great job! I have yet to bottom the rear-end and whoops are not a problem. Highly recommend if you are vertically challenged like me.

If you have more questions let me know.

Have you thought of Koubalinks, check it out at I'am 5'11 but still thinking of doing that to my Wr450 if it turns out to be as tall as the YZ450, I don't know why Yamaha has to make tham so Taaaall, CRF450's and KTM's aren't near as bad.

Not really the vertically challenged aspect. I'm looking at lowering the center of gravity to enhance handling, and the stops on the off cambers while climbing uphills :)

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