losing coolant and no spark

last saturday i was out riding and while i was waiting for some of my friends to catch up my bike just died.it was dead and would not start when i took it home i checked the coolant and it was very low. i just put a whole new water pump in two rides ago because the over heated and was leaking out of the seep hole. also the bike was poping and backfiring on deceleration and the sparkplug was black and had no spark.what would cause the sparkplug to foul like that and is coolant loss like that normal,what should i check out about the coolant it is not leaking out of the motor anywere:confused:

A bad head gasket will sometimes foul a plug but a lot of the time antifreeze will make a white crystaly residue does your bike have good compression if you have a auto decompression lever take your cover of and zip ty it so it don't work and then kick it over and if you can kick it all the way over a few times without useing decompression it's probably the head gasket also check your oil I have seen the base gasket and seal go bad and leak in the oil

+2 on a likely bad head gasket.

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