Do the xrl's have the power?

Had a conversation with a tech from Baja Designs, I was calling about getting my stator rewrapped, He told me the bike(94 xrl) had plenty of juice to run extra lights/bigger light. I had called because i wanted to put a hella 500 light i have on the there truth in those words? is it possible ? what more would i need besides the rigging of the actual light? any help appreciated..

Maybe the folks at Ricky Stator could be of help.

I think that Honda specs the 650L stator as being good for 185 watts or so. You will no problem running a 100 watt headlight with the stock setup. If you go with a LED taillight up to 150 watts should work as well. Maybe even a little more. The CDI needs a few watts and you don't want to go over what the stator puts out or the battery will drain.

Unlike the 600R or 650R the 650L stator is already wound over all 12 poles. The other bikes only have lighting windings on 4 of the poles. That's why rewinding on the other bikes allows for so much more power. It's those empty stator poles. Nothing empty on the 650L so no rewinding necessary.

Perhaps someone with extra lighting or other high drain electrical devices will chime in with the actual capacity of the 650L. Don't know if the Honda number is high, low, or right on.

saw a high output stator on ebay, i asked if it put out 200W because thats what all the rest seemed to be putting out. they said it did. hadnt called to get more info because of my work schedule, and time diff. it was a canadian co. i wanted to run the baja designs twin 8" halogens, we got alot of moose up here, and grip heaters.

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The stock 650L stator is good for about 165 to 180 or so depending on who you ask.

Here's what I am running off my XRL:

-stock headlight, turns, brake light

-heated vest (45 watts full bore, no rheostat)

-heated over grips (23 watts)

-Garmin Quest (5 watts)

Anywho's an electrical wizard friend of mine hooked his Binford Laser Spectrometer Transducer Scanalyer 5000 up to the wires going out of the battery and wires going in to the battery...basically to tell which way the current was going and to deduce amps in and out. Here's what we found.

At idle (worse case scenario) and with everything running:

All my accessories were pulling 5 amps. The stator (again at idle) was charging 6 amps. Soooo, I had 1 amp to spare at idle charging the battery. Good piece of mind for me.

I knew i could count on this crew to come thru with some answers...ill keep all posted on my "hella" of a bright ass light system...thanks again.

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