NEW STATOR for late YZ450s? is it hopeful?

just got the new chaparral catalog today and on page 381 in the bottom rt corner it shows a new BAJA DESIGN EXTERNAL STATOR. it reads:

"External Stator puts out 180 watts of power with two 90 watt circuits or a single 180 watt circuit. Completely independent of bike's stock ignition, preserving the reliability of O.E.M. components. Adds 11 ounces of flywheel inertia to increase offroad traction/versatility. Includes CNC billet aluminum ignition side case coil and flywheel magnet.

YAMAHA---------------PART #-------------PRICE

YZ450 03-08_______305-9130_______$440.99"

i couldn't find reference to it on BAJA's Site but did find it on chaparral's.

heres a link

The picture however doesnt show up on the site. it basically looks like an aftermarket left side cover that is a little deeper and a grommet with pigtail sticking out.


i may be just a bit closer to finally getting this DRZ out of my garage and plating a new YZ :prof:

CRAP i just read on the link it says 03-06.... in the paper catalog it says 03-08 :prof: what a bummer... sure would be nice if someone would fab a real option for these wonderful bikes

This needs some clarification. There is virtually no way that a stator, even an external kit, can be made to fit both an '03-'05 YZ450 and an '06-'08. They have two totally different setups on them as originally built.

i will call the phone monkeys at baja designs tomorrow and try to get some more info. then i will call chaparral to clarify with them.

finally got around to calling about this. Baja Designs = no answer... i guess its to early for californians to be up. lol jk.

I called chaparral and the girl looked up the number. As a matter of fact it is a typo in the print. the stator is for an 03-05 YZ450. and to make it better it is discontinued.

Man i sure wish someone would design an external stator just like that for the new 450s. what a shame i guess these companies dont realize how many of them they would sell. :thumbsup:


finally got around to calling about this. Baja Designs = no answer... i guess its to early for californians to be up. lol jk.
Not many businesses in SoCal open at 4:00 am on Fridays :thumbsup:

actually when i called... in california it was 7:15 am.

My apologies. You were only about 1:45 early, then.

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