XR650L fork oil change?

Hey I was thinking I will change out my fork oil before riding time is upon us!In my manual it says I have to remove the forks completely?:prof: Is this true? I was thinking I could just simply drain out the old oil and add new can I not? Also how much oil do I put in with replacing it only.I dont think it's a good idea to over fill.The manual also says the oil should 5.7 inches from the top of the fork tube.. Just lookin for imput as I have never changed the fork oil and im on year #2 for me owning the bike....Any advice is greatfull

Thanks guys

You might be able to do it with the forks on the bike, but it is a lot easier if you take it apart. You need to move the forks to get all the oil out. If you are going to measure the fork oil height the fork needs to be vertical. Hard to do with the forks on the bike.

It's also potentially very messy. When you take the caps off and move the forks, the rebound oil comes out the top of the rod just under the cap. Usually in the perfect position to get oil on your shirt. Guess how I know.

The steering head bearings also need greasing if has never been done. Honda is usually really light on the grease.

Great...!Are the steering head bearings hard to do? Sounds like I Have some work ahead of me...

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