Time to loose the bag

Tired of having to dry out my little red pouch on the rear fender. Have all my required paperwork for my bike, cell phone, etc. in double ziploc bags because I know by the end of my rides they would be a soggy mess.

Decided to mount an Otterbox 2500 back there instead and hopefully that'll end all issues with getting my stuff wet.

Anyone else use anything similar to alleviate this problem?

I have a small Marsee bag that I use. It's nearly waterproof but waterproof enough to keep everything dry unless I submerge it.

I keep only keep tools in my rear bag. The cell phone, wallet, cell phone, etc. go in a backpack. Even here in SoCal where it barely rains I also have issues. I've ended up with rusty tools on a few occasions. The problem is relatively small so I think that I'll keep the nylon travel bag that I currently use.

I have seen some hard cases on bikes and they look pretty good. There are at least a few options and I think that it would work well. It should also give a lot more protection to the contents.

Since you will likely have to drill holes for the mounting bolts, be sure to silicone the bolts to seal the holes.

Unless you are a tall guy don't get a box that is very tall. It can make swinging a leg over the bike harder if it's too tall.

I keep only keep tools in my rear bag. The cell phone, wallet, cell phone, etc. go in a backpack.

Ditto on that. Especially the cell phone, a fender mounted bag does a lot of bouncing around, not too sure how good that would be for a piece of electronic equipment.

I use a modified Moose fender bag, cut a piece of thick plastic inserted into the bottom of the bag and solid mounted it to the back fender, enough room for tools and a pair of kung fu shoes in case I end up having to do some walking, everything else goes into the backpack.

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