yz426 yz450 cranks

i would like to ask if a yz450 crank will work in a yz426?? and if a yz450 out of a atv would be the same as the mx yz450? :prof:

First question: No.

Second: Also no, but it's a little more complicated. Prior to 2005 (06?), the YFZ450 was actually a 439cc engine, and had a shorter stroke than the 449cc motorcycles. The '06 YFZ crank is I believe usable in a WR450, but not a YZ450.

I did all the research and 450 cranks are a lot different and 450's use a different pitched cam chain and sprockets so you have to change your cams and cam chain I got my hands on a 450 strocker crank and I had to machine a new flywheel seat taper on the new crank and a new woodruff key

thnks for the info!,, so mr. hunter what kind of bike do you have?

01 426 with a 450 stroker crank that puts it around a 480

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