Suspension revalve or Stabalizer

I've got an 07 450 with 10 oz flywheel weight and couple other offraod goodies. I'm looking to hook up the suspension next because I'm 225 lbs w/o gear.

First off, I don't think a stabalizer will do it all for me so I'm looking at sending the forks and rear suspension off.

Who does the best offraod (rocks) setup for the 450, I need a complete job (heavier springs, re-valve, etc..)? and would a stabilizer help in the mean-time if the price tag is too much for a complete re-working?

A good stabilizer will not be much less than a revalve.

Right now with your weight the stock springs are too light and in order to make up for it you are having to run your compression damping too high.

My suggestion would be to first get the correct springs for your weight so that your damping doesn't have to do so much work and you can back it off to absorb those rocks. The '06 + KYB suspension is incredibly good and you very likely may find that with the correct springs that no further modification is necessary.

Get Both:thumbsup:

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