handle bar's 7/8 or 1 1/8 ?

i was curiouse..i have a wr450 on order and i am gonna get the aluminum brush guards for it and i was wondering what the stock handlebars are for the other wr's 7/8" or 1 1/8" ? i'm guessing they should all be the same. i'd go out and get a pair of new bars for it but the bike took a big bite out of my bank account as is, so stock bars are good for now. any info appreciated

You better save up quick. The stockers might as well be made out of solder. They'll bend just by looking at 'em.

Stock clamps are 7/8".

The stockers are 7/8" , i replaced mine with a 1 1/8" fatbar today, and the stockers walls are really thin, its like i could bend them myself if i just held them against a wall and pushed hard. but they are indeed a good thing to have in replacement when your 1 1/8" bars goes to the bin :)


Stock are 7/8, like mentioned before. Then just get some Renthals, in 7/8, and everything will fit as before. i haven't had a bit of trouble with the renthal, also got the triple clamp mount for bark buster for further strength. I have tested the strength repeatedly for the last 3 years :):D

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