1986 XR600R Dual Carb Starting Troubles/Stock jet size?

hey guys just got 87 xl600r live in kansas and was wondering what size jets to put in it to make it a two kick bike like i hear they are have already changed the cdi

On or two kick bike depends on a lot of factors other than just jetting, but that is important. Jet size is sensitive to altitude and temperature too. I run 120 -122 at sea level in the summer and 118-120 3000+ elevation in summer. 48 slow jet.

Another thing to consider, DynoJet sizing is different than Honda jet sizing. I pulled out a 45 pilot, and 122 mains on my '86. Replaced them with 50 pilot, and 128's. Using a foam filter, and full exhaust system. Stock motor, as far as I know.

My '87 XL600R had the same hard starting problem. Cleaned both carb jets, fuel filters. Spark at plug seemed OK, but a new stator fixed it. It now starts with one or two kicks.

 I have an 86 XR600r with the same problems. I had the carbs serviced by an independent shop and made the problem worse. I finally took the carbs into the dealer and I'm still waiting for them. I've suspected a weak spark from the beginning as it would have a hard time starting. Check the video out, I think it will answer the spark question



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