Need advice...newbie bike for "girlfriend"


OK, I'm married...and my wife doesnt let me have "girlfriends". It's actually a friend of mine that's wanting to start dirtbiking (only ridden once at a track a few weekends ago).

Need advice on a good starter bike for her. She's about 30...probably 5'2"...probably weighs 100lbs. wet. I'd imagine that she's not going to be doing anything very serious for quite a while...maybe the easy trails at Rampart, track riding, and easy desert stuff in Moab/Fruita/etc. Any suggestions?

Another "girlfriend" of mine just got a TTR125 4smoker...I'm not all that impressed with it (power's pretty lame...but that might not be a bad thing) and the front brake line connector has already come loose, spraying brake fluid all of the trail (might be a dealer setup thing...might just be a quality issue). Size of the frame (being able to touch the ground) is good with the TTR. Any other suggestions? She wanted to spend under $3K (including gear I suppose) getting a used bike is an option as well.

Please advise...and thanks in advance!



She is the right size for a TTR125L. Maybe a little big for a XR100. The bikes above that, like the XR200 and TTR225 are heavy dogs. It's a shame there isn't something in between.

If she's really new to it, the TTR125L might be the ticket. Until watching my daughter start out last year, I didn't realize how easy it is to get into trouble with the throttle. If she has some experience, as much as it pains me to say it, the power valve 2 strokes, like the KX or RM 85 or even better for her size, a KX100 would be the next choice.

Good luck,


buddy just bought his small wife a KLX110. Pretty zippy.......

If an athelete, and a good technical mtn biker, a KX100........

My x-wife rode a 1996 XR200. She was the same size as your friends wife. Yea it was a little heavy for her but she adapted to it. The XR100 was too small for her & power was crappy. The 200 had good power & is bullet proof when they drop it - which they do. I put a skid plate & Acerbis brush guards on it as well as a supertrapp pipe on it. It is for sale for 2000.00 here in Atlanta - as she claimed it & a 2000 YZ125 in the divorce (biatch) -- you can check for nice used bikes at

I just bought my wife a used 2000 TTR 125L for $1700 and she wheelied herself right off the back our first time out riding it, my son has a 96 RM 80 and is a faster rider on the TTR than the RM.

I think the TTR fits the bill better than you think it does :-)

P.S. my wife is 5'2" also

I'm thinking at 100 lbs (wet), she probably won't have power problems with most of those little bikes. My girlfiend got an XR200 (her first) and loves it until she has to pick it up when she's tired. Then it's a bit of work getting it up and started again. She's about 5'3" and under 120 lbs.

I should know better than to even be thinking about talking about a womans weight. LOL :):D

My girl and I went through the selection process too. I felt the technology on the XR200 and TTR bikes was dated, not to mention the weight issue. She is the same size as mentioned. We went for the KX100. A great little bike! It was a bit spooky to her at first, but after adding 12oz of flywheel weight, she really likes it. The bars were too short, so we added a Tag triple, TAG MiniWorks bars, and 10mm risers and the bike fits her great.

First off, very cool of you to solicit information on you’re friends behalf. Most chicks don’t know too much about the sport when they are first getting into it, so we all rely on guys who have been riding for a while to set us up.

As a newbie to dirt biking myself, I went with the TTR125L. Although I will agree it doesn’t have the power to keep up with my husbands YZ250 or my “boyfriends” WR426, it has plenty to get in trouble when first starting out. The power issue can be addressed by gearing it down.

It is light weight enough to manage on the trails and to pick up off a track. But should your “girlfriend” down it on a steep down hill or up hill, you might want to stay close to her in case those pesky trees jump out of no where and get her. She’ll need some moral support and TLC if/when that happens, not to mention some muscle to lift the bike back up.

I'm in the market for one for my wife too...I thinking one that's stationary. :)

Well, well, well...little Mrs. Sabine is on TT! Welcome young lady! :)

After some input from our fellow riders and some more contemplation on my part, that TTR125 that you have is probably the best bike to start with...especially given the deals going on with it right now. And of course it's a mute point because Tricia has already placed the order anyway... :D

Thanks for everyone's input!


You can't beat the XR 200 for wife bike.

You can't beat the XR 200 for wife bike.

Get her an orange bike...Any KTM from a 520 to the 380 are suitable CHICK bikes.

take a life insurance policy out on her, then get her a kx500.after first ride you'll not only be collecting all that insurance money but you'll have kx all to yourself

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