lower stearing bearing removal for a 426?

Hey guys, I am replacing the bearings throughout my 426 and tonight I tried to remove the lower stearing bearings. Wow, it wouldn't move. I got the cage and rollers out but the washer and inside of the bearings are both beat up and won't move. Any tips on how to get it off?? Thanks!!:prof:

If the bearing were still intact, there are actually specialized bearing plates that can be clamped in place to remove them. Being that the thing is now hacked to bits, the best way is to support the lower clamp in a press with a piece of thick tube or plate with a hole 1/8" larger than the stem, screw the crown nut on flush with the top thread to protect the threads, and press the stem down out of both the clamp and bearing at once.

Then, press the stem back in, and press the new bearing back on.

Wow, sounds like I really jacked this thing up. How hard do you think it'll be to push the stem out? Sounds tough. Do you think I could take a dremel and cut it off? Thanks for the info!

It's easy to push the stem out if you have access to at least a 5 ton hydraulic press. Since none of my leftover bearing plates happen to fit the YZ steering bearings, that's my preferred method.

There's a wire ring on the stem to stop it from moving upward in the clamp. Be sure to allow clearance for this as the stem moves out of its bore, and support the clamp fully around the stem bore as close to the bore as possible.

Thanks guys, I ended up just taking it to the local shop, they poped it out in no more than 5 minutes and told me to bring it back when I'm ready to put on the new ones. Can't get that kind of service from an internet store!! Thanks guys, I'll post some pics when I'm all done with the bike.

I just had the same problem as you. I very carefully ground the inner bearing down with a die grinder then hit it with a chisel to crack it and pop it off.

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