jetting for utah on 426

just bought a wr426, live in farmington utah, did the mods, going for a 2 day ride on 11/12/02, dont have time to take bike in to get it jetted by a genius, anyone in the area give me their jetting info so i can copy it?

yz timing, bk/gb mod, grey/ gray wire cut, airbox open, plug gone. thanks yall :)

Mine is a yz but should be the same. Due to the very low humitity here in Utah you will probably end up more rich than you would expect. I did the bk mod, dropped the needle one, 158 on the main. In the summer 80-100 i drop the pj to a 40, once it starts dropping below 70, I put the 42 back in, PScrew at 1.25 out. Works pretty well. I could go leaner, but then cold days really lean out the bike. Kind of a catch-all jetting. It probably would work great if all you did was drop the needle one until temps climb up in the spring.


You a real limey?

yup im a bona-fide ex limey, now a citizen of the promised land. thanks for yelp on the jetting, i will try it on monday. :)

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