BWB63 Desert Suspension Ride Report

Well I've had my suspension back now from BWB63 (Mr. Borynack) for a few weeks now. I've been a bit slow to get any ride reports up b/c my first ride out after 2 hours riding the incredible trails of Moapa Valley I blew out the weld on my rear tire on a rock (I assume) somewhere in the 40mph range....that was fun.

Well I've gotten myself a new set of Pro-Wheels+Buchanan spokes and while she was down went ahead and threw on a new chain and set of sprockets (went from 15/52 to 15/48 as advised).

First off he was incredible responsive giving me daily updates on the work. After it was all done I received a full description of where all the clickers were set as well as a full list of my shim stacks both front and rear.

Second the price. Well I dont want to lock him in to any set price but but it was a fraction of what Precision Concepts costs...hell even cheaper than Barnums by quite a bit as well.

Ok so how does it ride? Well I hate to use such a tired cliche' but "night and day" is pretty damn fitting.

Using some of my same old stomping grounds that I rode with the stock setup, whoops that would start tearing me up around 30mph felt comfortable and well almost nonexistend over 40mph.

The dreaded front end push is dramatically reduced when hard cornering although this may be helped by the fact that he told me to run the forks 5mm up rather than 3mm.

Now the most important part.

My first good jump (I know pigs cant fly but I love putting mine up in the air) was a small table just to get used to the new setup and gradually increase in speed as I warmed up.

This part might be a bit hard to explain but where before I had to judge my jump and lean/preload/bounce the way I needed it, it felt like I could just stand up, keep my ass hovering over the rear part of the seat and the bike did the rest. No more was the ass end trying to come up over my head and no more was I over compensating for the rear end and then landing front wheel first from time to time.

The bike just literally does the work for me.

After the table was conquered (it was small..maybe 50feet with a hard right turn after the landing so was limited as to how far I could get it) I moved on to a nearby G-out.

Now I'll have pictures and hopefully video next week but the basics were this.

Approach-jump-landing was similar to _____/\______

Top of the jump was a good foot or 2 above my head so guessing around 8 foot. First couple passes in early 2nd gear and the rear tire was coming down just at the bottom of the jump.

Bottomed out just a bit once I hit the flat so turned the compression up 3 clicks (1 at a time) and before long was hitting early in 3rd (landing wasnt long enough to go higher) and landing a good 20+feet from the base of the jump.

Its hard to explain but thats more air than I would have EVER tried on a G-out with the stock suspension. Not a single bottoming after that.

Overall she rides like a dream. In one long fast whoops section..those really deep ones I passed a older CR250. Now no idea on the riders experience and yes the trail/whoops were wide enough that you could run 4-5 bikes side by side so I did it safely but after that I went straight on, hit the G-out and stopped for a water break. I had a 2T 250 and a YZ450F guy stopping and asking about the bike. They were blown away and me grinning ear to ear.

Pictures will be coming very soon, like some of BWB63's showing how bad pigs are at flying :prof:

Oh one side note. There was someone that came past my camp at dark on a XR650R with dual big ass headlight going a helluva lot faster than I would have on that section of trail even in the daylight. Moapa Valley (aka Logandale trails) this past weekend.

Any of you guys?

I have one of Mr. B's suspension setups. I got to be in his small shop and see most of how he does it. That was the biggest learning of how it all works I could have ever thought possible. He is way into perfection.....anal about the nut being groung off right. He seeks to get that last air bubble out of the shock. There was some other guys suspensions there that he was setting up for the Baja 1000. He has very strange sense of humor and is way into God.

I wrote a ride report also but, here is how I feel about mine for his setup.

I found that I have to go to 12 clicks out on the conpression (Both front and back) when at Glenn Hellen. Before when I would come up short from clearing a table top the back end of the bike would almost buck me over the bars or pitch real hard to one side. Leaving the lip was like you said, bucking you for a nose dive. Now the biggest thing is getting enough nerve to pull the trigger and get some serious air time. The bike truely knows what to do. It took me awhile to believe BWB that 16 clicks out was the ticket in the desert, in the end he was right, I do lightly bottom from time to time but, it handles the whoops way better there and carves corners in the sand. I think the forks are a little soft on 'G' outs. He said, he was working on that without making the forks less 'plush'. I have only bottomed the shock on huge 'G' outs and drop off's over four feet (4 feet seems like 10 feet), flat landing big air and that is at 16 clicks out. At 12 clicks out I don't think I have ever bottomed the shock. It is not the same bike as before and this setup has improved my riding 350%:prof:

I have to go down to the local Honda dealer today to pick up the last of the small parts I had to special-order to revalve to BWB63's specs. Really appreciate that he's willing to share that kind of information with us, and offer help to those of us who want to do the work ourselves.

I have to go down to the local Honda dealer today to pick up the last of the small parts I had to special-order to revalve to BWB63's specs. Really appreciate that he's willing to share that kind of information with us, and offer help to those of us who want to do the work ourselves.

Yeah, he was incredibly helpful and I was aiming to do the work myself. The problem I had run into was that after just purchasing the bike a sharp rock jumped up and bit the clutch cover. That snapped a clutch bolt off which fragged into the engine via the soft magnesium clutch cover.

I was tapped out on buying special tools (torque wrenches, calipers, mic's etc) from having to rebuild the top end and a valve job so he allowed me to ship it to him and he did the work for me.

I sure as hell appreciated it and am amazed with the quality of work.

I have to go down to the local Honda dealer today to pick up the last of the small parts I had to special-order to revalve to BWB63's specs. Really appreciate that he's willing to share that kind of information with us, and offer help to those of us who want to do the work ourselves.

No need to order spiecial parts! I need to change that on the web page so, people don't go out and waist time and money over some small change. You will need 21mm X .15mm with 8mm inside diameter holes for the forks and some 38mm and 34mm shims for the shock. Get these online and save time and money. I put the other parts in to help fluid return for excesive speed in the whoops for the guys that race. Thank for all the nice talk guys.......

what's this "Mr B" stuff you guys are taking, that makes u want to jump your R's? :prof:

Keep it away from me, mine is enough of a handful on the ground.

The only time my 2 wheels leave the ground at the same time it's by mistake, and it usually ends with a bent handlebar & a mouthful of gravel.

I have seen the video's and the one with the camel. We live in a different land where you have DIRT to jump. Drop off's, rocks, whoops, more then cruzing down sand highways.

We do have whoops but what are rocks?

Cruisin on sand and lipping the occasional dune is just fine for me. The only time I deliberately tried a jump - well, it was bad.

Anyway respect to BWB63, I've dug into his site frequently for wisdom & tips...

You don't have to jump to reap the beniffits of a great suspension. You will get a better over all ride. Plusher, flowing at a lot more even rate. This translates into a much nicer, longer ride.

Another way to put what BWB63 just said was.

Take your favorite old haunt/trail/run. Lets say this one section thats about 5 miles long with twists, turns, drops etc and you are comfortable at 35mph.

After a few rides on this set up I'm comfortable at 45mph.

Not pushing it harder, its just flat out more comfortable and more stable.

I went with .45kg/mm fork springs and 10.0kg/mm shock spring. I weigh 198 with nothing on and about 205 dressed for work. I bottom the front more now then I ever did when stock after about two weeks of riding with the new setup so I adjusted the clickers in and I didn't like the ride as much, started chasing the clickers all over. My DRZ400 buddy said I was a lot faster before I ajusted the clickers and I was jumping way higher then when it was stock. I adjusted back to what Mr. B had when he set it up and sure enough Pete (the DRZ friend) said I was to fast to keep up with. In the end it wasn't because the forks were softer but, that I was able to push the bike much harder and was in control enough to jump higher, ride faster and for the first time do drop off's into the washes. Because of this I was bottoming the forks, just clicking them not hitting bottom hard. When stock I think the forks would lockup before they ever bottomed and when they did it was hard. Flowing sounds close more like floating. I run the compression adjusters at 10 clicks out when jumping. Forks and shock. I leave the rebound at 11 clicks out all the time and I think it squats a little after a long run through the whoops I think I ride to far on the tank it is just right for jumping at 11 I don't bounce anymore even flat landing.

The drop offs especially here in the Vegas area are where I appreciate it the most and the most often.

When your cruising in 4th at a comfortable clip and one sneaks up on you, a good 4 foot drop...nothing you can do regardless of what suspension your running except loft the front a little get your but off the seat and go with it.

Used to, some of those would land so hard I would stop and take one of those hands shaking adrenaline breaks to get the heart rate down.

I wouldnt say I dont feel them now but they dont worry me either. You can really feel the suspension working as hard as you are when those big hits sneak up on you.

I just finished revalving to BW's Serious Racing / Jumping setup thats listed on his website. He is right to be anal about grinding the end nut off the shock I wasn't and almost ruined the threaded end of my rod. I am a little worried that the stiffer setup I chose might be a little stiff, but once our snows melted I'll be sure to write a report of my own.

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