First, if my XR600 is actually 628cc will it need more oil than the stock size engine?

Secondly: with filter changes what is the respective oil to be added for these bikes? Somewhere in my mind I had 1.7 liters for the 600 and 2.0 for the XRR.

All you've done is increase bore size,no change in oil capacity. You might use marginally more oil with a filter change as opposed to no filter change. Generally I put in a 1 1/2 quarts, run it and adjust to the top of the full mark on dip stick.

I have both and the 600 always takes more, like 2 1/4 quarts when all said and done. The 650 is just under 2 quarts, like 1 3/4

2 quarts for the 600 (2.06 to be exact) and 1.7 for the R. There's a good debate on this somewhere.:prof:

I alwas put 2qts in, even if I change the filter. It doesn't seem to make any difference. I change the oil often enough that I never have to add any.

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