650L rain cover

Hello, can anyone tell of a good cover to protect my 2001 XR650L from the sun and rain? I am parking it outside on a back porch but it is still exposed to the Texas heat and some rain... Thanks

I dont know, but I have seen them on EBAY.

I did see them on there once too but no luck now... someone on here must have a cover that they like or dislike.

The biggest problem with a cover is trapping moisture under it. It needs to be open at the bottom so air can circulate. If not they tend to do more harm than good from the water perspective.

She's a mudder. Ride her, lover her, and rub her were she gets wet...err..rusts I mean.

She's a mudder. Ride her, lover her, and rub her were she gets wet...err..rusts I mean.

LOL! I understand but it works as a deterrent for prying eyes too. So a breathable cover is what I need... sources for this guys? JcWhitney has some but I am unsure of what size I need due to the fact that there covers are aimed more for the street/touring type.

I thought I saw one on Rockymounatin for like $30 ??

Thanks I will check it out...

Depending on how much you want to spend, a custom cover can be built by a boat canvas shop or awning shop. Thats what I do here for work. I have built lots of motorcycle covers for friends and customers. You do want it to breath and have good UV. What I like to use is a fabric called Sunbrella (sunbrella.com), you will see it on most awnings and better boat covers. It has a 5 year warrenty not to rot, mildue or fade. It will cost a lot more than a cheep one size fits all cover, but will last almost forever. PM me and let me know where you are and I can help you find a shop near you if you want to go that way.

hey thorndike, give some phone numbers. lol. i'm at the beach and, well with wind and everything, the thin bodied cover i bought was just too, well, thin. it's got holes just from the wind and i would like to get something more durable and i can bet a few other riders might like that also.

could be a good business for you to start up on the side.

got one of the brand Maverick, 60$ piece of shit. after a few weeks the stitches are already starting to rip... stay away from those.

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