charging while transporting

unfortunatly my bike is kept in a storage unit without power, thats why charging on the go would be cool. what about putting a voltage regulator/rectifier inline from the car battery? Or just a 1.5 amp fuse to regulate the consumption of the bike battery?

This method won't charge your battery either as the 1.5 amp fuse will just blow if the battery needs a charge and then you will still have a dead battery. PBDBlue has the correct method listed above. You seem to have hit the stage of dirt biking where you need spend a little more to enjoy your bike. The above method is a very reasonably priced solution that gives you good flexibility to charge the battery anywhere you like. If the battery keeps going dead it is likely time for a new more cared for battery as the old battery may be overloading the bikes charging system. My .02 -- WR Dave.

Yeah, I was just throwing some ideas around. The bike is brand new. I dont think the battery has even gotten enough juice to hold a charge for a week. I did install a kit into it which i can now turn the headlight off during the day, Im assuming that will give it a better charge. Unfortunatly its mud season till june. they wont let us out on the trails;( I love flinging mud. Ive been jumping around trying to get this bike street legal since 8 this morning, its now noon with no progress. Aperantly I neet a state officer to sighn off on it. they cant make it easy. New hampshire has regestries. But you have to go to town hall to get a regestration. Stupid. regestries are only for license's? so ive hit regestrie,town hall, inspection station, dealer, and now i got to get a cop to go to my storage unit.( i better hide some stuff,lol) But to get back on track. thanks for the help, Ill pony up some dough for a battery tender, or stop whining and kick the S.O.B. for the first start of the day.

thanks for all the info on all the threads dave. I dont post as much as i read, and it seems like you have the answers i look 4.

I'm assuming there must be a reason that your bike can't go for 1 hour without having the battery charged.(?) :bonk:

Sounds like it's time for a new battery or some troubleshooting.


I would be scared that it might slip into gear after a good bump on the freeway or something. :confused:

.......... bahhh :prof:

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