Please Help!

Have been stressed with jetting issues on my '98 WR400.

My current jetting settings as follows:

170 Main jet

48 Pilot jet

DVR Needle clip #1

Have no problems in acceleration except for a 'flat spot' at 1/3 - 1/2 throttle position.

Thought this throttle position was affected by the needle position so tried to richen it by 1 step down on clip #2.

First test seems more responsive, 'flat spot' felt better(abit).

Tested it again next morning, seems that moving the clip to #2 took out my top end. It hesitates and will not accelerate at 3/4 - full throttle.(too rich?).

Oh i am using a fmf header(which one i dont know) and a WR stock silencer. Thats about it.

All views welcomed.Thanks in advance. :)

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Check my settings with the FMF Powerbomb Header. Your bike is stumbling because it's too lean coming off the pilot. You will need to change the Pilot jet to a 48 and the Pilot Air Jet from the stock 75 to a 100. If you can get your hands on a EKN Needle that will provide an explosive low and mid range as well.

Bonzai :)

What about my 3/4-full throttle problem?

I know we dont use much of this off road but i need the top end to travel to a neighbouring country just for trails or tracks.

At clip #1 my top end is Ok. I move it down 1 step and it doesnt accelerate, just gasping for air.


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try a 160-162 MJ

try lifting the needle to clip 4. do the MJ first and the needle second.

the needle is poor, very poor. DRM or EMM would be better.

i can't agree with yamakaze's pilot settings. my settings were all for the euro pipe which is what i run.

check my sigiture at the bottom of this post.


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