Soo....My 426 Belches fire...a lot of fire.

Well uhh. I have swapped a shitty exhaust I have onto my 426 while i work on the good one. It doesn't have a gasket between the head pipe and the rear pipe. I was riding at night the other night and when I let off I looked down to see a foot of blue flames shooting forward towards the radiator. Im not kidding, a foot of blue fire. Now my bike backfires a lot...not sure if its supposed to. maybe its running too rich. Any of your bikes do that? I guarantee it would make it out the back if it was sealed.

Get a vid it

im 99% sure that is caused by rich jetting or ignition trouble (weak spark making unburnt fuel) and it is not a huge thing to worry about, when your pipe is sealed at least! i dont think you should keep riding if the flames are shooting from where the head pipe and cylinder meet. but thats just my over-cautious .02

no, its where the head pipe and the rear pipe meet. Where the rear slip on slips on the head pipe. I'm surprised it didnt get my jeans hot or anything. Im gonna get a pic this weekend.

I think you can get a seal for it ?

Im not worried about it hurting anything. Im just wondering if it should be shooting that much fire. Also, that pipe is only gonna be on there until i get the other pipe modified and polished.

Got any fiberglass cloth lying around the garage? Just wrap the inner a couple of times, slip the outer over it and the flames will stop shooting out at you.

Likely your bike needs to be jetted different for the crappy pipe, With all the backfiring, yes, it's likely running rich - probably your good pipe allowed more flow - meaning you need more fuel to compensate from the original stock setup, so now you're back to stock except your jetting isn't so you're pumping more fuel with less air.

Do you have a zip ty fuel screw? if so, try closing it (turning it in) 1/2 a turn, it might help with the backfiring when you let off the throttle.

Oh, and they put spark arrestors at the end of the pipe because the flames tend to go that far or even shoot right out the end.

Before you go into the carb, you need to take care of that leak in the exhaust. If you don't have a gasket or o-ring, get some high temp silicone from the parts store and seal the joint with that. A 4-stroke with an exhaust leak is almost impossible to jet correctly, because they never stop popping and backfiring.

im 99% sure that is caused by rich jetting or ignition trouble
You're 100% wrong. It's caused, in this case, at least, by the leak in the exhaust.

It needs to be sealed up some how or not ridden until a good pipe gets back on it.

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