Cheap Tires???

I'm running a Dunlop D952 on the rear and I'm very happy with how it's been holding up. I ride a variety of terrain in the Northeast (I'm not in CA anymore despite what my TT profile says), and traction hasn't been an issue. So far there's hardly any wear. I made the mistake of doing a handful of WOT runs on the street by my house which slightly rounded the face of the knobs - I've learned to not do that anymore since these tires aren't meant for asphalt.

As for the front tire, I've heard several reports that the 952s aren't so good. I'm thinking of trying a Maxxis IT.

I don't think you'll like the IT front. My son hated it. By contrast, the 952 front is his favorite. Wears far better than the IT, as well.

If you go with a Maxxis, use the SI instead.

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