unbelievable ECO/GOVT Nonsense

Ladies and Gents a very close friend has recently taken a position with the dept of environmental quality. I was interested to find out he is working on air quality issues, such as determining the output of 2 stroke motors and similiar things related to riding areas etc. I was ASTOUNDED to find out the DEQ uses a formula to measure the contributions of Bio-mass, in other words what levels trees and plants contribute to the degredation of air quality of certain areas, i.e. riding areas. I questioned him heavily on the 2 stroke motor issues, like how they determine the output, number of vehicles, hours of use etc. He is looking into it for me, especially since I remember reading in a mag that the DEQ in cali uses some bogus formula that essentially factors 2 stroke hours based on the same value for regular car hours, and we all know the majority of riding is done on weekends and are not ridden for basic transportation on a daily basis. Also as far as he can tell these studies are done from behind a desk and not on actual field work. I will keep you all informed as new information is obtained, as I am interested to find out what amunition the DEQ provides or generates to help back riding area closures. The mole promises to find out all he can, I'll keep ya posted. Its time to renew your AMA membership and BRC too. After the lose of thousands of acres at Glamis, An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I know you all have $29 so whats your excuse! So do it. Remember it can happen i.e. see any new 3-wheelers for sale at your dealership lately, didnt think so.

Pie Man...Thank the good Lord Jesus Christ, You ARE alive! After I read in the National Enquirer the entire west coast fell off into the Pacific Ocean (as well as a new "Bat Baby" being found, and a man giving birth to a son, OUT HIS A$$!), I was worried to DEATH. I assumed I would never meet you, that is until we meet at the MX track right past the Pearly Gates, in row 4, aisle 10.

Thank God, Man! :)

I have felt the same way for twenty years, I quit racing AMA events in 1987. To many rules being made by to many idiots with no concept for safety or common sense. The AMA only wants membership and the revenue it produces.

My 2 cents worth.

I'm a member of the AMA. I joined only because I needed to for racing. I don't see the AMA as the one that's going to lead us all to the promise land. I question the amount of effort AND MONEY they're spending it the lawsuit against Edmondson, and wonder where their priorities are. If they settled this along time ago and then focused their time and resources on the BLM fiasco, I wonder how different the outcome would have been. I question their regard for rider safety at road races, especially considering the lengths the racers had to go to enact change. I wonder if the AMA is more concerened about what is best for the AMA leadership, rather than what's best for it's membership. My $.02

Great job Pie Man. Can't wait to hear what you find out. It has always seemed to me that the polution from dirtbikes can only be a "drop in the bucket" compared to cars, trucks, planes, industry, etc.

I am already a Blue Ribbon Member and will definitley renew when the time comes. I'm on the fence about the AMA.

Good Points lads, I agree many organizations only exist for the sole purpose of self perputuation, but any voice in the public forum is better than no voice at all, as much as I like my local clubs they have neither the resources or funds to enact an effective confrontation with deep pocketed eco groups, for example, I bought some pants at eddie bauer and the dude behind the counter aks if I want to donate some $ to a eco group to save trees, hes got a bar code taped to the counter and can point the scanner at it and add it to my bill, its that easy for those large groups to get funding. I surely dont remember buying some tires at the local shop and having the guy ask me if I want to donate to the BRC or AMA or any other group, let alone seeing much in the way of information that would effect any riding areas. We are small unorganized groups that are easy to attack, especially with out any front. I am so pissed I may have to form my own group that can amass millions of dollars to protect our rights, as far as Glamis is concerned, civil disobedience is something to consider, although it only makes us look bad. Where the hell is Steve McQueen when we need him, as he could be our hi-profile spokesman.

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