08 WR450F question

Hey guys I'm newer to this part of the forum just sold the DRZ400S cause I was looking for something with some power lol anyways I am next month going to purchase a 08 WR450 just waiting on tax returns :prof: I would love to make this street legal and looking for a kit that includes everything to make this possible and if there is no kit perhaps some help on doing so. I live in Trenton Ontario Canada and iv seen some 450 honda's running around street legal so i'm sure there is no problem doing it here.

Thanks Jordan

Several companies make kits.

Baja Designs (I got this one, I also got a 8" HID racelight for off road duty, I use the regular kit light for inspection purposes, everything electrically is a plug and play.)


for starters

i Just got my 07 plated, My state didnt require me to have blinkers. I saved like 250 dollars (us dollar) by just getting a horn, hi/lo beams, and brake light. The whole kits will run you about 450-500 bucks. you should check your state to see if you need them. If your interested I could list all the parts you need to do it yourself. If you would rather a kit, id go for the trickduelsport over the baja one. You can use your stock headlight(wich i like way better than baja's). I got the trick's 150 buck kit. And a plate holder of a guy on ebay(very nice aluminum one). but if i knew everything that i know now i would have just made my own kit. Although i dont regret the ease of install on trick's kit.

I see, so its basically plug and play with the trickduelsport kit? How much and were abouts can i find one of these kits? I don't know if i require blinkers here or not, my last bike had them but they came with em so ill have to look further into that part.

You have any pics also?

i can take pics. I will soon. bike is at storage unit though. It was "kindov" plug and play. the thing i didnt like was that you had to disconnect the 3 pin couplers on the tail and headlight. and tapped the "pins" in the couplers. and just leave them appart elect taped. it can be converted back to stock easily. I bought a few couplers online, and put them on the kit,very easy to do(only like 15 bucks). and now its fully plug and play. The other thing i didnt like was that it had a seperate switch. So you could leave the lights on, while the bike was off. I'm gonna rewire it into the bike on/off. Should also be easy(im just little lazy).

But I still wouldnt want any other kit. It came all wired to a little black box the size of a "Car remote" with velcro that you attach to the behind the headlight. the box has led's on it to tell you the battery condition and your highbeams on.(yes its that small to fit next to speedo). It has a built in reset relay(incase you get a power spike(auto reset)). Ive bought many parts from baja, and have no complaints. But I just dont like their kits. Looks like a number plate molded around a 80's square car headlight. And It velcro's to the trips. Not like the stock bolted to the bike. velcro headlight just seems like you have to be super tight, or the headlight will flap around on the bumps.


I just looked on the website, I know all the full kits say they come with a headlight, But If you tell (i forget his name because im a burnout) that you want to use your stock headlight(wich has built in highbeams, Just yami didnt add the wire or switch) He will drop the price by not selling you his. You can send your headlight to him and he will wire it for you. But it was easier than i expected, even a caveman can do it. although I am pretty mechanicly inclined.(im still a burnout)

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