Modifying an '07 YZ450

I'm looking for some general feedback because I'm looking to put some cash into my stocker. Note - I am a 41 year old novice, 5'10'' 205 lbs.

1. I'm considering a DR D system because I heard just adding a slip on does nothing. However I ALSO just heard that the pipe is more important than the header. If you had to pick one which would it be?

2. I'm looking to respring for my weight but I hear you should have it revalved because without it, the respring wont be very effective. Any comments on that? I know its MORE effective to have it revalved but would it really be a waste to just get heavier springs?

3. To help me carry a higher gear in the corner I was thinking going to go up a tooth (or two) on the rear sprocket. Has anyone done this? Is this the wrong approach?


I am about your size and weight and a Vet-B rider. You are on the right track with most of your mods.

1. The 07 pipe is not bad but not as good as the 06. I do not think you can get a DR.D slip on for your 07 head pipe. Get the complete DR.D system if that is the brand you like, it works well.

2. The 07 suspension will be ok with the proper springs for your weight and stock valving. I am running a 5.6 rear and .048 front springs.

3. One tooth on the rear will be enough with stock exhaust and definately enough with a DR.D system.

Hope this helps.

I went up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket and feel it is a huge improvement.

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