Triple tree question.

I have a 05 wr450 & have a friend who has a 07 yz450 with stock tree clamps he's looking to sell. My question is will the 07 yz450 clamps work on my 05 wr450 without changing the geometry to the point where it will make my handleing worse. The reason for this would be :prof::bonk: to utilize the bar clamp set up on the yz450 rather than the wr.


Originally Posted by two

Anybody know if 04 yz450 fork tubes will fit in my 05 wr450 triples? Thanks

Don't tell anybody, but the '04 YZ450 and the '05 WR450 have the same forks.

'05 YZ will also fit, but they are an upgrade (twin chamber)

'04-'07 are all 48mm forks, and use the same clamp diameters, although the '06-7 are set 2mm farther apart.

hi, i got this from the yz forum searched under fork diameter clicked on one & looked @ the bottom for similar threads hope it helps

Thanks ,It sure does. I dont think that 2mm wider will make a difference at least in theory.

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