Yamaha YZ450F Electric Starter

Is it possible to install a WR450 electric starter on a YZ450F? Or has anyone heard of a aftermarket company that make a kit to make the YZ electric start.

Possible? Yes, but not really practical. It's a little more doable on an '06+, since the fact that you don't have to replace the crankcases reduces the cost by about $600, but you still have to buy about $1500 worth of stuff to make the swap.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to start with a WR, YZfy it and if needed throught in a YZF tranny

Not really. Making the WR engine into a YZ would be a simple, inexpensive thing, but "YZ-ifying" a WR, without even thinking about the transmission, would involve swapping a set of '06+ forks onto the bike, and that's going to be at least $350 if you get real lucky on eBay.

Will yzf06 forks fit a 04 yzf clamps or do you have to change out clamps...and I guess the real question is will the head and stearing shaft mate?

You nee to use the '06+ YZ450 clamps with the '06 fork. The steering head bearings are identical, so there should be no problem with the swap, and no one has reported any that I know of.

Thanks Grey...saw a set go the other day for $400...he had a whole list of stuff, but no motor parts so I guess he blew the motor and is parting it out.


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