08 YZ450 First ride

Got out tonight on the first ride, bikes feels very light, very smooth power with no bog at all. Still need to do more set-up.

Racing this weekend so I can give you an update next week. Heres a few pics.




This is very cool, Rekluse e-axle, you can adjust the offset + or - 4mm. Same effect as triple clamps with out the cost. Positive setting for quicker/tighter steering, Negetive offset for fast long tracks.

Will be adding. Dr D Ti Pipe, rad lowering kit, Neutech Tubliss system, Enso Suspension, graphics. Zip-yt carb mod. Thinking about some cams and porting.

Just got the bike Friday and haven't been able to get everything done, I want to ride it stock so I can appreciate the improvements when there done. Drool away, I know I did.

Looks great. I love my '08. Surprised about the e-axle. I spoke with Rekluse a couple of months back and they said that they would not be making one for the '08. Did you buy it direct from them? Thanks and good luck this weekend.

I think your correct on that, the 07 axle will work, on the 08 there is a small ridge on the brake side where the stock axle is beveled. You have to mill it out. It seems to work fine, I decided to do the mod myself.

I know exactly what you're talking about. I think I'll give it a try. Thx.

The 08 axle will not fit the 07 fork. The hole in the fork is smaller on the 08.


Hi Guys

Got a chance to put some seat time on the bike, I must say the handling is better than the 07. I rode Friday's practice to get the bike dialed in. Started with the e-axle, I like the +4mm setting, made a world of difference in the tight rutted corners, when I tried the -4mm setting, it handled good, it took alot more effort to loft the front wheel through the rough stuff, amazing what small changes made. Stock suspension is spot on for me. The Rekluse Pro worked great. I did notice that the bike seem to rev out quick, a pipe will fix that.

Other than that, the bike is a keeper, raced on Sunday and did very well. It's very easy bike to race.

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