xr650l headlight plastic -baja designs? acerbis?

so i'm switching my 1999 XR650L from white to red. i have everything except the headlight plastic. does anyone know if this baja designs piece will work with a stock headlight? i'll probably end up calling them tomorrow to find out. meanwhile if anyone out there has a suggestion for an aftermarket replacement, i'd appreciate it. i did a search on here and didn't really find much. a used one went on ebay for a ridiculous price last week. let me know if you have a used one laying around for a reasonable price. email me directly with that to:


the baja piece is here:


i see this got a lot of views but no replies. maybe it was a stupid question on my part. if anyone else was curious about that part though, -i called about it today. it will NOT fit with the stock headlight. the dimensions are different. and after all, why shouldn't they be?!?!?!?! if they were the same, you could buy just the plastic OR just the headlight and then use your stock parts that are perfectly good. hey, i guess that is just good business, making people buy everything. the dude was really "matter of fact" on the phone with me about it though. god forbid someone call to give them only $35 worth of business.......

even better $63 from THUMPERSTORE!

thanks rooster. i saw that one already and i am sure it will go for a ridiculous amount of money. it is mint and complete with lamp assembly etc. the last on eon ebay i watched was just the plastic and it was all scratched up. it went for as much as you could buy a brand new one for. ebay has really turned into a sellers market -not to mention the insane shipping charges people want on there. i still use ebay a lot -i just don't rely on it like i used to.

the baja designs one wont work with the stock headlight, the lens is substantially diferent in size. i actually got the BD one to put on my L but havent gotten around to it yet. ill take pics when i do but now that riding season is upon us i dont think ill start ripping the bike apart, id rather ride :prof:

I want to go white. If you have a white one in good shape I may want to trade. My stock '02 red one is in good shape.

my white one is missing a piece where it must have been laid down. otherwise, i'd give it to you.

UFO makes a dot white one,but it has a cheap plastic headlight. I have one sitting in a box with some other bike junk. It was a waste of 65$ or whatever it cost at the time.I can't seem to give it away!

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