Fuel Pump Squirt ?

I have done BK mod and other free mods, except YZ timing. In an earlier post someone said fuel squirt should go 4 to 8 feet. Is this correct? I think I have the timing and duration good but the squirt might go 12 inches. I have cleaned the fuel pump and rod. My squirt seems weak and the stream seems thick. I haven't compaired it to other similar bikes, visually so maybe this is correct. Does the squirt go throuth a jet(possibly to big) or spring to compressed? Thanks for the help.

trialrider.. 8 feet? i was told by Rob Barnum that it will spray about 2 feet.. i would ask Rob, he is really good about responding quickly. again, mine sprays about 2 feet, less than .5 seconds and just misses the slide. hope this helps..

oh, Rob Barnum is on the TT home page, he is the motor, carb expert....

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