best exhaust !!

i wanted to get everyones input on which exhaust i should get when my WR450 comes in. i went on the yamaha website which i'm sure everyone has and pushed the magic E-BUTTON and heard what the wr sounds like . i don't think i want anything louder. my 97 suzuki DR435 has an FMF mega max exhaust on it and it's loud. it sounds really good but i think this time around i wanna go stealth. anyone have any good suggestions. i really don't like how the stock 450 exhaust looks either.i was thinkin about a white bros E series with a quiet core insert .any feed back appreciated

I get a new four stroke about every other year and always put an after market exaust on it, but this time I'am waiting until I ride my new WR450 to see what it feels like. The muffler is good looking enough to keep. I'am thinking they'll be coming out with some after market inserts and tail pipes, might try that.

I have the Supertrapp on my 400. I really have enjoyed the performance gain and tunability. I have read on exhausts looking for the best and Quietest system out there. If I had to buy again, and I might, I would probably go with the CRD 91db system. I might look at the Arrow system also, don't remember much of it, but it sticks in my head :D I have come to realize my 400 makes more than enough power for me, which is why I don't see a reason for a new bike :) I just need to tune it to my liking. I would prefer it quiter. Just my .02

I am also waiting anxiously for my WR450 and I have ordered a Thunder Alley Pipe based on the reports and feedback I have read on TT.

I dont think that it will be as quiet as you want though.

I have run the arrow and it was quiet and made good power.

I have the crd now, it looks good, fits ok, is quiet, and makes decent power as well.

Both pipes to this date have no usfs sticker, crd claims to have gotten approval but I still have not been able to get the appropriate sticker that will allow me to run this pipe on public forest land.

I've had my Thunder Alley pipe now for about 2 months. It's great! It is a low end pipe and most of it's gains will be felt down low. That gain is felt through the mid range and that's about it. Not sure there's really any difference on top compared to the stocker. What I like is the fact this thing made my bike rip out of corners. It practically throws me towards the next corner.

As far as noise is concerned. It's not much quieter than the uncorked stocker. My riding buddies don't seem to think there's much difference in noise either. It does have the spark arrestor and that supposed to help keep it quieter than the same pipe without it. Bob at Thunder Alley also said he'd put an insert in the Reverse-Megaphone portion of the pipe that should keep some of the noise down a bit too. No extra charge.

If you're gonna be looking at a pipe designed for more top-end power, then I'd look at the Dr.D or the FMF Power Core. Both are supposed to add heaps of top end with minimal loss down low. My riding style is better suited towards low end power and the T/A was a perfect fit for me.

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