Finally Finished* - My Street-Legal Retro/Hurricane 450

I put an asterick on the finished part, 'cause are we ever really finished with modding our bikes? Actually I'm still waiting for PWR to come out with their stage 3 cooling kit for the Yamaha 450's. I might change my headlight setup too, to something less bulky so I can run a regular front plate. I have a billet stop switch on order to hook up as an ignition interupt for speed shifting (plugs right into my Graves ignition), also a bilet gold anodized rear brake clevis. I even have a lightspeed carbon fiber gas tank heat shield I still need to cover with CV4 heat shield foil sitting in my garage. But for now, it's finally plated and on the road!

Many more pics of some of the mods in my garage.



That thing is beautiful!

If you dont mind me asking how much money have you put into it?

CRF - man, I'd scare myself if I added it all up, but it's probably getting somewhere close to what the bike itself cost!

Lucky guy...Sweet bike better not ride it you might scratch it

nice ride:thumbsup:

:prof: I just wet my self that bike rocks. where are the mud sneakers get that thing dirtyyyyyy:thumbsup:

I just did something involuntary...:prof:

a bike like that needs to be on the track. but freakin sweet job man. i love the bumble bee scheme.

i resurrected an old 426 for track use

before and after:


Freakin work of art.:prof: I always thought my streetbike was nice looking ,:bonk: I stand corrected . Really a great looking ride .Now excuse me while I hang laundry on my Repsol...

DUDE !!!! nice attension to detail...if thats a trailtech kickstand make sure it doesn't hit the swingarm on full travel, prob won't use all of it but just make sure, again WOW!!

Man do I wish we had a track here in Hawaii - you can bet I'd be on it! i had a blast last year when I rode at Grange in Calif. Might have one possibility - One of my friends is converting his KTM to SM, and he has the keys to our police emergency vehicle operations course - about the size of a cart track, and no dirt, but it's better than nothing. Besides, we'll be "training"!!

grange is nice. i go there every now and then. but the track at Willow Springs :prof: was my last race, hello elevation changes:



Yamaha should strongly consider this as an option for new YZ's.... sweet bike mate!!!

that looks like a fun track!

I need a towel. That is one sexy bike!!! Maybe I should look into something like that for my yami.

Great looking bike!

drool...very nice


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