Need help with White Brothers exhaust

I have a WB carbon pro II, I had a little wreck last week and dented in my header.

I called WB/Vance and talked with a guy about the chances of getting a header for it, he said it would be until June until they (Vance) opens WB’s inventory. He said if it did not have a crack in it, it would be alright to ride, said it would give me crazy low end power???How much more low end do you need on a 450???

My dilemma is do I buy a whole new/used system on eBay for $400++ or do I buy a slip on and use my stock header, put my stock exhaust back on or invest in another $700+ in a whole new system??

Or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I was able to get a replacement Stainless header for my Alum Pro2 recently. I assume you are looking for the Ti header. These are/were available through Distribution but were not cheap. Call Maximum Dirt - ask for Chris and see if he can locate for you. 404-886-3604. great guy great service

hey there bud ,how you going,bto sports have replacement headers for the carbon pro,there not cheap 206 bucks,cheaper than getting a new system though,hope that helps.

if the dent is on the bend fill it with water and throw it in the freezer over night. dont plug the ends. it might need 2 nights but if it doesnt work then it prolly wont work. worked for me on my yz250f.

I'm having some probs with them as well. I need the exhaust packing and can't get it!!!! This sucks!!!

I had a dent in the header on my WB Carbon Pro that I had on my CRF. It never gave me any problems and I never noticed any difference in power.

Thankx for all the remarks/help. I'll try those couple of place you guys talked about.

thankx again

The water trick will work. If there is no creasing it will almost be unnoticeable after 2 to 3 freezes. Be careful when you first take it out of the freezer the material will me a little brittle at that low temp. Lay it out allowing it to return to room temp before any major handling. still has them advertised you may get lucky.

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